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Seeking candidacy and relying on your support within the Conservative Party of Canada at Scarborough-Woburn (Guildwood).

Construct for Canada Join us at $15 annual fee & for primary voting 

All amounts will not go through my personal account and will be directly deposited into the EDA.

David Hu from Scarborough welcomes you to join in the effort to bring about positive change in our country.

Together, let's build for Canada. If you resonate with this vision, we invite you to join us in the fight for our country 

Economic problems cannot be resolved by simply printing more bills, implicating everyone in this challenge. Our economic indicators are concerning, and there needs to be discernible policy solutions to address these issues.

Affordable Housing: This issue reflects the challenge people face in affording a house due to our economic conditions. From a strategic standpoint, we should focus on finding ways to enable people to afford housing while reducing construction and property costs.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, we all recognize the need for change, but it's crucial to know the direction we are steering towards. Let's focus on infrastructure, Technology, and Transportation for Economics. 

We will uphold human rights, women's rights, equality rights, welfare, etc. Simultaneously, we must prioritize the economic health supporting these rights' foundation. 

In these unprecedented economic times, it is imperative to have a Conservative guiding the nation's recovery. 

I am David Hu, a father of three, and I share your concern.  Fixing our infrastructure is our country's priority. We need a strong economy that benefits everyone, and the foundation for a strong economy is infrastructure, transportation, and technology.