About My Politics

Advocating for Canada is deeply meaningful to me due to my background as a child from a refugee family, which instilled in me the importance of contributing to society. Now, with the capability to bring technology from Taiwan and Japan to Canada, I am eager to leverage my skills for this purpose and make a significant difference in Canada's technological landscape. 

The upcoming election in Canada will focus on critical aspects that impact the country, such as economics, technology, transportation, energy, the environment, diplomacy, and human rights. As we move forward, it is essential to concentrate on Canada's core priorities. 

One crucial area of focus is rebuilding or creating a technology supply chain for Canada. This is precisely why I took the initiative to establish the technology corridor in Ontario. We must also address the pressing issue of housing affordability, ensuring our children have a promising future. 

Canada has a remarkable opportunity to elevate its standing amid geopolitical changes. However, our infrastructure and policies have not kept pace with other countries. We must attract investment and develop a thriving business environment to drive progress in advanced manufacturing, such as chip supply, for our industries. 

The road ahead may not promise immediate solutions, but I assure you that steady progress will be made. Let us unite as fellow Canadians on this journey to create a more prosperous and equitable Canada for future generations.

Addressing the challenges of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) requires a collective effort involving cooperation at the regional, provincial, and federal levels. Technology Corridors in Ontario, connected with High-Speed Rail and ensuring sufficient power supply, offer viable solutions to relieve the region's pressures. 

Furthermore, the past complaints and issues we face are often the result of inadequate planning from decades ago. We must prioritize proper planning and proactive action to prevent future challenges from escalating. 

It is essential to address the threats posed by dictatorial countries like China. Their exploitation of our systems and goodwill demands immediate action. Aligning ourselves with other democratic nations is a powerful approach to confront and overcome these challenges collectively. 

Together, we can work towards a brighter and more secure future for Canada, leveraging our strengths and values to overcome obstacles and thrive globally.