The ideas to not extend the High-Speed Railway (HSR) into the core of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is based on various factors and considerations. One of the primary reasons is to address the issue of population concentration and to alleviate density pressure in the GTA.

Since people are drawn to the GTA primarily for work opportunities, creating job opportunities outside of the GTA reduces the necessity for daily commuting from distant areas to the core of the GTA. By establishing employment centres and technology parks outside of the GTA and connecting them with the HSR, it can effectively distribute economic activity and alleviate the strain on the GTA's infrastructure.

In addition, integrating the existing Go Train system with the HSR can provide a more cost-effective solution for moving people within the region, potentially saving billions of dollars in infrastructure costs. This approach helps balance the development of Ontario by decentralizing economic activities and reducing the concentration of population and businesses in the GTA.

Furthermore, the HSR's connectivity to Pearson International Airport is of paramount importance. This integration can enhance the airport's accessibility, making it an attractive hub for business and travel. By connecting the airport with two high-tech parks, it promotes a balanced distribution of economic activity across Ontario, rather than excessive concentration in the GTA.

The same principles can be applied to other cities like Ottawa and Montreal, where establishing similar transportation infrastructure and technology parks can help distribute economic opportunities and facilitate regional growth.

HSR-Pearson International Airport - Go Tran 

By focusing HSR on connecting Pearson Airport and leveraging the existing GO Train system for commuting within the GTA, there can be cost savings, efficient use of infrastructure, and improved airport connectivity. This approach can help address transportation needs, support regional development, and enhance the overall transportation network in the GTA.